Monki Breakfastclub & Bistro if you want to enjoy brunch in Calgary!

Brunch at Monki Breakfastclub & Bistro on June 8, 2019. (Photo by Minyeong Jo/SAIT)

The brunch cafe Monki Bistro, which has had a long line since Saturday morning on June 8, 2019, is near downtown located at 10 Ave SW.

It was only 10 a.m., but the guests had to line up for groups with more than eight, and their faces seemed excited to have to wait for seats.

Beyond them, a staff was seen busily checking the work-in-bookings list, and inside the restaurant was filled with energy from many people.

There were a lot of mean words and their conversation didn’t end until the food was served. 

The restaurant, which is popular among men, women, and children, seems to have various and delicious reasons. 

Looking at their menu, there are approximately 25 choices from the main menu to dessert.

On the menu, it seems to have taken into the account, the tastes of visitors, ranging from vegetarians to sweet-food lovers. Benedict egg as classic brunch

Monki Bistro’s Special style Benedict egg, classic brunch menu!

Monki Bistro is busiest in the morning of the weekend, and people are constantly waiting. Among them, the most exciting-looking woman sparkled as she could not wait as her turn approached.

Pink Benedict egg Brunch at Monki Breakfastclub & Bistro in 2019. (Video by Minyeong Jo/SAIT)

“I love the pink benedicts here!” said Said Sona Yang to her friend.

I’ve visited this place more than twice last month alone,” Yang, who traveled to Calgary on an organized trip, said with a smile, “The benedicts here are so delicious and especially can choose pink hollandaise sauce as an option, which tastes the same but attracts me with its red color.”

She praised the chocolate waffles she had ordered for the first time, and said, “It’s a chocolate menu, but it doesn’t feel too much pressure, so it’s a fun experience.”

“I’m probably leaving Calgary next month, but I can’t forget the food in this restaurant,” she said in a show of affection here.

Aditya Dutta, who manages the restaurant, said, “Our Mantra: Do brunch differential!” and that’s how they innovatively beat the classic brunch menu.

According to him, the restaurant’s most popular manu was recently featured on the Food Network Canada’s large food bucket list. You can see the episode ‘For the Love of brunch’ 

Let’s have brunch at

John Catucci’s Brunch Bucket List: Monki Bistro in Calgary/ Youtube Video

“While any breakfast classes of ours as benedicts, killets or burgers are a great bet, I would definitely recommend to finish off your brunch with a concert distance!” He quivered that these menus would never fail.

Dutta’s recommended menu in Monki Bistro for the people who are visiting first time!

“Having a good team and sound processes successfully helps to our recovery,” he said, adding that the biggest reason they were able to be reborn as such a popular brunch cafe is to be with their wonderful colleagues.

In his mention, he went through a lot of things running the restaurant, but he and his team worked it out nicely and created what is now Monki Bistro.

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