Enjoy in Calgary Stampede 2019!

Children in Calgary are enjoying the rides in Calgary Stampede on Sunday, July 7, 2019. (Photo by Minyeong Jo/SAIT)

As if to shine the summer of Calgary, the festival venue was crowded with people who came to enjoy Stampede from the morning on Sunday, July 7, 2019.

As if they were all one, they wore cowboy hats and jeans as standard, and went on to stand head-to-feet in checkered shirt and boots.

With the news that admission was free before 11 p.m., the festival’s entrance was so crowded that it was hard to breathe.

At the entrance, security guards checked people’s belongings and let them in, and people were excited by the sight.

Most of the people who came to the family unit were seen, who seemed to hold the babies’ hands and carry them from place to place.

One family of them seemed the mother and father brought their kids, who have played duck-pulling games and picked duck toys one by one from the water, and were so excited to receive gifts for the numbers.

The child, who looked like an older sister, picked a pink bugle, and the younger brother picked a little puppy doll and hugged it tightly in his arms, looking as if he would give it to no one.

They were so excited that they ran toward the next merry-go-round. The sisters, wearing a small straw hat with the same pink ribbon and a white dress, clasped each other’s hands like close friends, and the eyes of the mother and father looking at them glowed with happiness.

Apparently unwilling to miss a bit of their appearance, their mother was capturing their lovely images with a camera on her cell phone, and Dad was holding them up, protecting them and staring with love-filled eyes through the horses inside the merry-go-round, whether they were afraid they would fall.

Some people who looked at it had a happy smile, and they chatted with friends or family members as if they were reminiscing about their childhood.

On the side of the merry-go-round were three sisters looking so much like each other, each dressed up in a different style of Stampede costume. 

“I can’t wait to eat my corn dog,” said Susan Yuan, the oldest of them, with a light purple check shirt and a black hat, glinting at booths selling food as if she couldn’t wait.

“I made up my mind, with a mini donut as always!” Julia Yuan, who is a middle one and wearing blue check shirt and a wide-brimmed hat, followed her gaze through the food trucks. The youngest, Maggie Yuan, was blunt or didn’t show interest in what the sisters said, but she followed them up. They were age-difference sisters, aged 29, 23 and 19, respectively.

 Susan knocked on the door of a shop selling corn dogs they had found with them, as if to show she was the biggest sisters. As if familiar, she squeezed the ketchup and ordered one more to stand by, and she gave a bite to her little sisters. 

“There are more and more fun and delicious things to enjoy on Stampede every year,” they said in chorus. Since they were very young, the three sisters have visited the place on a basic basis at least one day each year, and said Susan, hinting at their excitement of visiting Stampede. 

Julia said, “When I was little, the scary lads were called the zipper and I got a feel of falling and fear of playing after that!” She then said she distrusts the safety of the rides, which are installed at every stampede season. Although she said so, when her youngest brother Maggie was riding on something that looked like a slide, she looked at her and smiled contentedly.

They were on their way to the dog show, holding the purchased corndogs and other food in their hands and expressing excitement at seeing the puppies. They watched a show where dogs jump and record, and they couldn’t stop clapping each time the puppies come out.

Their cell phone cameras were also busy capturing videos. They ate all the food during the show and they quivered, saying they didn’t have to eat dinner.

They wanted to go out of the festival as if exhausted by a large crowd, so they didn’t intend to visit again later in the day, but rushed to the stamp-painters, saying the blue-colored seal was so pretty that they had to receive it.

Children in Calgary are enjoying the rides in Calgary Stampede on Sunday, July 7, 2019. (Photo by Minyeong Jo/SAIT)